Big thank you to Starlink for understanding my “I’m rough on sh*t” issues. While at Lights Out 15, a wind burst came thru the Midway and grabbed my Starlink off my roof and shot it in the road. 🤣🤦
It broke into pieces and I’m like great.. how am I going to explain this… 🤔 Maybe it’ll light on fire when I plug it back in and I can be like idk.. summabtch started on fire so I just started jumping on it to put it out… 🤣🤷🔥
Well, it didn’t start on fire… so, I sent them a message thru the app and told them exactly what happened and they sent me out a replacement free of charge the next day and even gave me a free month of service. No questions asked. 😇
This is my 2nd replacement they have sent out at no cost due to my “unforeseen circumstances”… 👍
So, in addition to Star Link having the best WIFI for traveling on the road like I do — the customer service is outstanding!  Highly recommended!