I just completed an event at Virginia Motorsports Park this past weekend.  Amazing facility!  Ran by great people.  Definitely a bucket list track to visit.   Stadium type of facility, but with that family run feel — the Franklins’ are great!  There is also an RV Park next door.

So, while in Rome .. or Virginia…. I love the ocean and beaches and had a couple days to kill before my next event in North Carolina.  So, I ventured out to Cape Charles, Virginia.

cape charles virginia

You would think after last year — I would learn my lesson about venturing out to the coast this time of year seeing as I am packing up now to hit the road as quickly as possible tomorrow to beat a storm  — See the video below of me at the Outer Banks in 2020… wait til the end!

Anyway — I stayed at the Cape Charles / Chesapeake Bay KOA Resort.  Beautiful place!  It appears to be a hotel that had an RV park on the same property and they turned it into a Resort KOA.

cape charles beach

Nice long lots to pull in big rigs, full hook ups, cable and great WIFI!  I met a couple of racers here with their rigs — so plenty of room!  They have multiple pools that come with cabanas that you can hang out at.  They also have a bar and grill on the property — which I super super excited about…  Traveling on the road full time, after an event, I just want to come and relax and not have to worry about cooking — at least the first day… well…

Unfortunately, due to COVID and staff shortages, the bar & grill has VERY limited hours.  Very limited as they are only open 2 days a week?  Maybe 3?  Which I wish I would have known about that prior to arriving because I would had stopped for a grocery run.  Also, most places, if something like this happens, you are usually able to get groceries delivered from places like Walmart or even local stores —- nope.  We are on an “island” and are secluded from the rest of the world.

cape charles beach haze

The private beach is amazing!  Even though the Jackspot Bar & Grill was shut down during my stay, we were able to enjoy the benefits of their patio and deck.  They also had a DOG BEACH!  Haze loves the beach — so obviously that was a plus.

cape charles beach hammock

The Cape Charles / Chesapeake Bay KOA Resort also had a private cabana area with hammocks which was nice — very relaxing.  Throughout the park, they had new tiny home set ups that people could rent out and also these cabana type of luxury tents you could rent — which reminded me of what the Fyre Festival tried to sell people a few years back — hahahaha.  They were nice, but not sure how I would feel at night with everything being so open.

If you don’t know what I mean regarding the Fyre Festival — please watch the documentary on Netflix or Google it. WOW!

The PROS — Beautiful location! Gorgeous beach!  Amazing sunset!  Awesome facilities! Spacious lots! Lots of amenities (when operating I suppose — wasn’t here to witness it), HUGE dog park, golf cart rentals ($40/a day)

cape charles beach tiny homes

The CONS – If you have a big rig — watch what entrance you come in — had issues with my little 45ft deal, Amenities not operating during my stay (COVID?), Outgoing Mail — for 3 days in a row the staff thought I WAS THE MAIL LADY when I was simply just trying to get mail sent out — ultimately, I ended up taking it with me to my next stop, Lots of new employees due to Covid/Growing Pains (no one really knew what the process was for basic things — but hey I am glad that people are at least coming to work!), No delivery services (you are on an “island” — be prepared)

By the way — depending on where you are coming from — you will have to go across multiple one way in/one way out bridges across the ocean and multiple under water tunnels to get here.  They have check points to make sure you have your propane shut off.