I just pulled out of my driveway for the last time..

Since May, I have been home a total of 3 weeks; prior to this last racing tour due to Covid.

I spent the last 30 days remodeling my home, selling everything and listed my home from sale.

Being on the road this last year – I have experienced total freedom – to come back home to Illinois with this lockdown shit still happening was just the icing on the cake. Lockdowns, Taxes, Corruption…. And horrible weather – I am done and I have been done for a long time.

I resigned from my Director Position from the Chamber of Commerce.

I listed my house for sale.– Interested in a showing – contact Matt Mika.

I love my house – it was my place of Zen for the last 5 years. I wish I could pick it up and take it with me, but that is not reality. I wish the new owners the best and I can only hope they love it as much as I have over the years.

It is bittersweet.

On to the next chapter — I plan on staying on the road fulltime for awhile before settling down.

In regards to my clients from Crank It Media – nothing will change. Still designing websites and running social media campaigns and helping you make $$$$$ as before – just exchanging snow for palm trees.

In regards to Car Chix – it is time to spread our wings further! We have been a staple in the Midwest for the last 11 years while dappling in efforts throughout the country. Our mission is to promote and advertise women in motorsports throughout the world… We plan on having a couple events in the Midwest this year – depending on schedules and Covid Restrictions. We also plan on debuting some new events down South! Stay tuned for announcements.

For anyone that is upset that I did not inform them — I apologize – that was never my intent — I tried to talk/see everyone I could, but sometimes, time just works against you… I love and appreciate you all. ❤

I am thankful and blessed for all the relationships that I have made while I was here – but this is not the end and this is not good-bye — This is only the beginning.


See you in Florida!