I spent a week in Jacksonville, Florida before heading to my favorite race of the year — the world’s great small tire drag radial race in the world – Lights Out! Also known to be home of the flying cars.  If you have never been to this race — it is a bucket list item for sure.  Takes place around Valentine’s Day every year at South Georgia Motorsports Park.  Duck & Stephanie host several events — including Sweet 16 —  which we will be at in a couple weeks and an event later in the year in October called No Mercy.  You will see the fastest cars in the country/world.  Personally — my favorite class is RVW. (Radial VS. the World).  Everyone needs to experience a Duck X / Boss X Productions Race at least once in their lifetime — I promise you will be back.


The track is located in Adel, Georgia.  A small town about 20 – 30 minutes North of the Florida state line.  The facility is huge with concrete stadium like seating on one side and has a circle track on the property.  It is located in a *DRY COUNTY* so be prepared if you come to visit — BYOB on Sunday.  I also recommend you buy the tickets online and get there early because it draws one of the largest crowds you will ever see!  It is a festival like atmosphere!  Lots of fun!

We also held our annual Car Chix Calendar Autograph Session during Lights Out for the first time!  We have been doing the Car Chix Calendar for 11 years to celebrate women in motorsports!  For the last few years, we have held our annual autograph sessions during the Race & Performance Expo in Illinois, just outside of Chicago, but due to Covid, the show had been cancelled.  I can’t thank the promoters and their crew enough for helping making this such a great experience for the Ladies of Car Chix!

I usually like to drop by this RV Park across the highway from the track called Cecil Bay RV Park.  I also call it “Freddy Krueger’s RV Park” because it has this pool that looks like it has been abandoned for decades with a huge prison like fence around it.  Swamp Thing may live in there — I don’t know, BUT — the people that run it are very nice and it is cheap and quiet.  They let you do laundry for $1!  The WIFI can be a little sketchy at times.

Cain’s Creekside RV Park

This last trip, I discovered a new place down the street from South Georgia Motorsports Park called Cain’s Creekside RV Park.  I stayed for a week for about less than $25 a day.  The owners were great, it was clean, quiet and had these crazy ducks that wanted to jack me for anything that looked like food — Haze loved that.  Full hooks ups with laundry and great WIFI.  I will definitely be coming back here.  It was nice and peaceful.