As you may have read, I had generator issues when I left Lights Out. Was able to get a quick fix and went on my merry little way knowing that the fix could last hours, days or months….  Well, two weeks.  The fix lasted about two weeks and repeated itself.  One of the main issues with not getting it fixed completely the first time was time and lack of parts.  Sadly, that was still the issue this time.  Although I had a week before leaving Texas to head to Georgia, no one could guarantee that they could get the parts in time to fix the generator because of a parts shortage.   Which — of course — is all blamed on Covid.

So, called Advantage Mobile RV Service, explained the situation and had them come out to Texas Motorplex.  They pulled the generator out of my Winnebago and took it with them.  I told them I will be back to get it in a month! A MONTH!  So, hopefully by then the parts situation is figured out.

What this meant for me when I left Texas?  No generator, no power for the inside of the RV.  Thankfully I have an inverter in the RV that will keep my refrigerator and one outlet on while I am driving.  Then when I am parked, and the RV is off, it begins draining the house batteries. Which long term isn’t good.

Before I left Texas, I looked everywhere online trying to find inverter generators that were in stock for me to use for the next month while my mine was in the shop and had no luck.  Remember Texas got hit with that huge storm a few weeks ago?  Yeah, good-luck finding a generator.  I ended up picking up a Predator 3500 Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator in Tifton, Georgia after leaving Sweet 16.  Hopefully it works out.  A little hesitant about Harbor Freight, but fingers crossed.  Will let you know how it goes!