Traveling over the years, I have stayed at a lot of different hotels and RV Parks.   Some are nicer than others.  However, this was the first time I ever stayed at an RV Park and they shut off the water multiple times over the course over 4 days.

While traveling to different racing events in an RV — you need a few things along the way — most importantly Water, Sewer and Power is a plus.

Usually when I am in Bradenton, Florida;  I prefer to stop at this one place down the street called Winter Quarters Manatee RV Resort.  It is a little on the higher end of pricing for RV Parks, but it’s nice, clean and quiet.  They also have no breed restrictions on dogs which is how I actually discovered them when the RV Park across the street rejected us last year after driving 18+ hours because Haze is a Pitbull — even though he is a Service Dog.

However, this time — I wanted to check out a different place and save a few bucks so I went to River Oaks RV Resort in-between both back-to-back events at Bradenton Motorsports Park.  It is a smaller RV Park.  It was quiet and the staff was friendly, but there was nothing resort about it.  Given the price to stay a night, I wasn’t expecting much.  You get what you pay for.  However, they had shut off the water unannounced multiple times within 4 days which was not pleasant.  To no fault of their own, apparently one of their permanent residents had a busted pipe under their trailer and they were trying to get it resolved.

Thankfully, I stopped at Winter Quarters Manatee RV Resort when we first got to Florida to de-winterize and fill up on water.

Usually when I go to RV Parks in-between events, I will just hook up to the city water and fill the tank the day I leave.  LESSON LEARNED — FILL THE TANK RIGHT WHEN YOU GET THERE JUST IN CASE. 

Little Manatee River view at River Oaks RV Resort

On the plus side, River Oaks RV Resort was located right next to the Little Manatee River which had beautiful views and fishing docks that you could walk next to.

Nonetheless, I probably would seek different options next time I am in the area.