I have seen my fair share of sketchy RV Parks, but boy oh boy, I came across some gems while traveling from Texas to Georgia for Sweet 16.  The trip from Texas Motorplex to South Georgia Motorsports Park is about 900 miles.  I have driven this straight through before without issue, however two things were on my mind.  First, what is the rush?  I have all the time in the world right?  Well, like 4 days before the race started.  Secondly,  I am cruising with no on-board generator right now – See: The Revenge of the Cummins Generator.  Therefore, I needed to plan my stops out if I was going to sleep somewhere and have power.

So traveling with a full shitter is not good.  I wanted to have all my tanks dumped before hitting the road.  So I stopped down at an RV Park a mile or so from Texas Motorplex and it was sketchy AF.  It was located behind some kind of scrap/junk yard.  There was no office and a sea of really old and falling apart mobile homes.  Most of them looked like permanent residences that were covered with old rotten building materials, such as wooden fences.  I pulled through just trying to find a dump station and ended up pulling right out.  No dump station in sight, no signs and no office.  I ended up taking my chances and started heading towards Georgia.

About an hour and a half West of Montgomery, Alabama, I found an RV Park called the Country Inn or something of sorts.  When I looked them up on my phone, they had a 4-star review.  The sun was starting to go down and I just wanted to get to a place to stay for a night or two.  Again — no power, so if the RV is off, I will eventually run out of juice for the refrigerator.  Also, I needed to do some work on the computer and laundry would be nice.

I end up pulling down this dirt road off the highway and same deal — no office, no signs and a lot of questionable permanent looking residences.  Keep in mind these last two places, I did call, but no one answered — which isn’t uncommon for RV Parks.  Sometimes, the staff is away from the desk either maintaining something, parking someone or just assisting a customer. I circled around the lot and ended up pulling out again.

The sun is going down — I may have an hour or so.  I pulled up my route again to Georgia on my phone and found a place about an hour away.  I called, a nice woman answered and she made space for me and told me to come on down!  So, I put the pedal to the floor and was on my way!

Montgomery South RV Park – Storm Rolling in on the 2nd Night

Montgomery South RV Park became my home for the next 3 days.  I pulled in just as the sun went down.  The staff was super nice and friendly.  Even though they had closed the office, a couple staff members knew I was coming and waited for me just in case I needed assistance getting parked.  It was one of the cleanest and most peaceful RV Parks I have stayed at.  Probably had the nicest grass too — Haha!

Montgomery South RV Park Office

They had laundry, super nice private hot shower rooms, a convenience store and they even had food to cook for you! The office reminded me of a Cracker Barrel.  Total rustic look, but modern.  They were also located next to a farm that had cows — Haze really enjoyed that.

Haze & His New Friend

I meet a couple cool people while I was staying there.   First — one of the staff members that helped me get parked actually just moved down to Alabama two years ago from Chicago.  We went back and forth about Chicago and Illinois for awhile.  He said it was the best decision he ever made.  That made me happy.   I also met two women that just decided to buy a travel trailer and go on the road 100% full time!  They were about my age and were roadies that set up sound and lighting for bands.  The two were on their way to Dollywood in Tennessee.  Hopefully I will get out there at some point this year to check out a show.

Final Race at Sweet 16

Ultimately — I lucked out finding Montgomery South RV Park and will definitely be back.  I got my work done on the computer, I took my FIRST REAL HOT SHOWER NOT INSIDE THE RV since January, Haze got a bath (which he is still mad at me about) and we made it to Sweet 16 and had the time of our lives!